Humic acidfulvic acid

When a healthy diet

isn’t enough

We used to get all the nutrition we needed just from our food sources. Nutrient-rich soil fertilized crops and gave them all the vitamins and minerals that are essential for us to stay healthy. Taking a multivitamin or targeted supplement wasn’t necessary as long as you ate a balanced diet.

What’s changed?

We haven’t been good to our soil. Modern farming practices have either contaminated it or left it depleted by not rotating crops or allowing the soil the time it needs to recover in-between harvests.

The result

Food in general is less nutritious.

We need enough minerals to maintain every aspect of health, including heart, bone, eye, digestive and mental health. When those minerals aren’t adequately present in food sources, they can’t work with vitamins and enzymes to carry out chemical reactions in the body that keep us healthy. This leads to a weakened immune system and many other health challenges.

Taking back health

with fulvic and humic acid

All we have to do for improved health is to follow the laws of nature. Fulvic and humic acid are derived from the top layer of soil that contains leaves and other plant materials that have been decomposed by microorganisms and compressed over millions of years. Just like they work together to boost plant health and increase crop yields, fulvic and humic acid can work with our own bodies to improve health and vitality.

A little Durt™

don’t hurt

Durt™ products are packed with fulvic and humic acid mined from ancient deposits in the pristine wilderness of the Southwestern United States. But this isn’t any old dirt. These deposits are buried several feet deep underneath the surface of the earth, far away from acid rain, chemical runoff from farms, environmental pollution, radiation and sludge — and are even certified organic. Durt™ Gold and Black can easily be added to your drinking water and other beverages when you need a boost of energy or replenishing.

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